GLOATING – Karma is a Bitch

“Do not gloat when your enemy falls; when they stumble, do not let your heart rejoice, or the Lord will see and disapprove and turn his wrath away from them.” Proverbs 24:17, 18. I live for the poetic justice that life flings at a jerk. We all know the gladdening of the heart that wellsContinue reading “GLOATING – Karma is a Bitch”

BLAK Lives Matter (Part 1) – Off with Their Heads

Image retrieved from: “They cut off John’s head.” Bart is the deliverer of this horrendous news and he can hardly breath, let alone speak. He is horrified, shocked. There’s no gentle way to drop a hand-grenade.  He stumbles out onto the street and leaves a stunned Joshua. It is a senseless killing while inContinue reading “BLAK Lives Matter (Part 1) – Off with Their Heads”

Baby, Don’t Mess with Your Mama’s Posse of Crazy Jesus Women!

My buzzing phone broke my train of thought. It was a recorded call letting me know that a student in my household had missed 6th block at the high school. Perplexed, I glanced at my watch and realized it was well after 4 p.m. He hadn’t kissed me when he got home. I hate itContinue reading “Baby, Don’t Mess with Your Mama’s Posse of Crazy Jesus Women!”

Together Forever – Thwarted

I. Today the Rancher separated the 3 calves from the mothers to wean them. They are across a fence from each other. The mothers moo forlornly for their young who are frolicking carefree in the next field. Even while they chew, the heart-sick mother’s moo. It’ll be a long week hearing their pathetic bellowing. II.Continue reading “Together Forever – Thwarted”


Ngarana Tata Wangarî wa Magû, Augire atîrî, “Angîkorwo ndûrî Jesû, Ndûrî kîndû ûrî. Angîkorwo ndûi Jesu, Ndûri kîrîa ûî.” Naniî ngauga, “Angîkorwo nîûrî Jesû, Ndûrî kîndû ûtarî. Angîkorwo nîûî Jesû, Ndûrî kîndû ûtoî.” (Calling all Kikuyus: It is lamentable that many Kikuyu are unable to read in their native tongue. I aim to increase KikuyuContinue reading “Ngauga”

If You Believe

If you know anything me, it’s my feelings about cows. You can find contributing factors here: And to think I am married to a man who calls himself a rancher. Very sad. I posted that blog a year ago and my feelings haven’t changed much. Shortly after that, Emma who’d grown up on aContinue reading “If You Believe”

Savoring Oregon Summers

Succulent strawberries, so shiny they look fake, Drip juicy goodness to stain your favorite t-shirt. They are followed promptly by God’s gift for July birthdays: Ravishing vanilla cake with raspberry filling; As rich, rare, and radiant as my ruby birthstone! Hot on their heels come brilliant bursts of blueberries. I oblige my happy belly, fresh orContinue reading “Savoring Oregon Summers”