Put That in your Pipe and Smoke it

That’s how my fantastic father-in-law Jim punctuates his profound sentences. It tickles my heart every time. I don’t want to promote smoking, so I need your help coming up with another wonderful phrase to say, “so there!” This morning I started off ready to dive into our devotion of Psalm 50 and immediately snagged onContinue reading “Put That in your Pipe and Smoke it”


Ngarana Tata Wangarî wa Magû, Augire atîrî, “Angîkorwo ndûrî Jesû, Ndûrî kîndû ûrî. Angîkorwo ndûi Jesu, Ndûri kîrîa ûî.” Naniî ngauga, “Angîkorwo nîûrî Jesû, Ndûrî kîndû ûtarî. Angîkorwo nîûî Jesû, Ndûrî kîndû ûtoî.” (Calling all Kikuyus: It is lamentable that many Kikuyu are unable to read in their native tongue. I aim to increase KikuyuContinue reading “Ngauga”