“The Lord said, “What have you done? Listen! Your brother’s blood cries out to me from the ground.” (Genesis 4:10) Injustice, great or small, calls out. Cries out. He cannot help but hear. He cannot help but answer. From the first murder to the latest, The little white lie, our “smallest” infraction. Tsâ’aq –Continue reading “BLOOD SPEAKS”


Ponder this: In the heavenlies, in many ways There is no long or short duration of time. There is no large or small amount. There is no great or small offense. There is no big or small act of virtue. All are equal. That is why twenty years ago is as yesterday. A mite isContinue reading “NO “BIG” OR “SMALL” IN THE SPIRITUAL”

You’re Bleeding Out

Your personal defense bubble Swelled to the size of a wrestling ring. You are catching punches That I’m not throwing. Bleeding from old wounds I did not inflict. Where I extend an olive branch, You perceive me brandishing a menacing thornbush. Your unseen assailant wails unpredictable blows. The maniac pummels you mercilessly. My outstretched arms AreContinue reading “You’re Bleeding Out”

“I’m Fine, Thanks!” The Answer of Bondage

My Book Napping in Delilah’s Lap: The Plague of Pornography in the Pew & the Pulpit, available in Bookstores in June 2020, is a memoir and wake-up call outlining our capacity to be ensnared by a myriad fowlers – pride, food, sex, electronics, power, shopping, drugs, achievement, and control, to name a few. The poem belowContinue reading ““I’m Fine, Thanks!” The Answer of Bondage”

Nature’s Free for All

  If you wake up early enough, You’ll be treated to visible spider webs. Everywhere. Delicate strength, Laden with dew, Dancing for you, Swinging, inviting your hair to romance. They’ll court you this Fall Bejeweled like pearls, They’ll adorn your curls. They’ll drape your neck, You’ll scream, “what the heck?” And bat away at nature’sContinue reading “Nature’s Free for All”

From Sigh to Thanks to Snore

I lay awake at 2.36 a.m. and got to thinking that time spent marveling is better than time spent sighing. I yawned luxuriously, and it struck me, slowly, sleepily, that I was grateful for my mouth – for my upper and lower lip, my upper and lower jaw, my 27 teeth (sans wisdom teeth andContinue reading “From Sigh to Thanks to Snore”

Rear View

I’m sitting in the car. It’s freezing outside. I’m on a hilltop, parked outside a gate. I’ve backed up to the gate because mama always said, “Always think of the getting out, before you think of the getting in.” My son is feeding a friend’s animals. I am waiting for him. It’s been ten minutes.Continue reading “Rear View”

The Dance of the Jewel

You enchantingly craft your words…, … gems that thrill our hearts. Rather effortlessly, it seems, You bend over your tureen, Humming and thumbing your well-worn needle. You squint and adjust your focals, Shake the bowl in unspoken incantation, You single out this stone, and set it by that one. You stir the bowl again andContinue reading “The Dance of the Jewel”

Don’t Let the Dung Pile Too High

“Without oxen a stable stays clean,     but you need a strong ox for a large harvest.” Pr 14:4   If you have kids, you’ll have noise, sleepless nights, messes, and trouble. Either accept that or don’t have kids. You’ll also have laughter, delight, and a full heart. If you want a spouse, you’ll have growth-pains,Continue reading “Don’t Let the Dung Pile Too High”