The Spirit of Samson – Tackling Self-Absorption (#2)

Welcome to this 3rd installment of the spirit of Samson (click here for the intro and here for point #1.) As we look at the 10 points that underlie the spirit of Samson, keep in mind: #2. IMMATURE A person with a spirit of Samson tends to be a. Immature b. Impatient c. Undisciplined d.Continue reading “The Spirit of Samson – Tackling Self-Absorption (#2)”

The Spirit of Samson – Tackling Self-Absorption (Intro)

Have YOU ever thought of YOURSELF or a loved one as self-absorbed? Join me as I delve into a 10-point deep dive into the spirit of this great man, that we may: Samson’s epic story is told in the Biblical book of Judges (chapters 13-16.) He was foretold by the Angel of the Lord (Christophany)Continue reading “The Spirit of Samson – Tackling Self-Absorption (Intro)”

The P.P.R.R APPRRoach to PPRRoblem-Solving

The PPRRoven 4-step PPRRocess to PPRRogress past your PPRRedicament today. We can all agree that that we are facing one Pprroblem or another. Some people’s are gargantuan while others’ are miniscule. The P.P.R.R APPRRoach can be applied to all sizes. They can be learned by children and adults alike. They apply at home, at work,Continue reading “The P.P.R.R APPRRoach to PPRRoblem-Solving”

Christian Women’s Retreat

Please join us at our biannual women’s retreat in beautiful Silverton Oregon. Theme: Created to be UNSHAKABLE – Standing with, on, and like the Rock in the face of stress, anxiety, abuse, and inherited family trauma. Dates: October 21-23, 2022 Venu: Christian Renewal Center Cost: $185 (early bird special) covers teaching sessions, activities, accommodations andContinue reading “Christian Women’s Retreat”

How You Can Shape the Future Today

Does your spiritual life feel limp today? Could you use a blast to power and lift your life and that of others? Today I am enthralled by the power I hold in my hands as I unfold E. M. Bounds’ article Putting God to Work. This is one of those works that has the capacityContinue reading “How You Can Shape the Future Today”

Mummy Blue – from Musing to Amusing

It all started with me laughing out loud. I’m sitting at home alone this morning holding a cup of tea and contemplating the weekend. I’m trying a new creamer – a blend of cashew and almond. It’s wonderfully creamy, packs 10g of protein, and has a decent taste. I just can’t look in my cup.Continue reading “Mummy Blue – from Musing to Amusing”

Contemplating Intermittent Fasting?

Intermittent fasting (I.F.) might be one of the world’s most popular fitness trends today. Fasting entails eating little or nothing at all. The vast majority of diets focus on what you do or do not eat.  I.F. focuses on when you eat. I started I.F. because I realized that I was having breakfast in theContinue reading “Contemplating Intermittent Fasting?”

There’s Something About Fire

There’s something about fire Holy Spirit’s fabulous attire. Flames flickering hither and yon. There’s something about fire. Familiar to us all, Yet formidable, indomitable. Evoking danger, invoking desire. There’s something about fire. It warms our frames and cooks our food, Fuels tall tales as we gather around it, mesmerized, hypnotized. It purges forest floors, –Continue reading “There’s Something About Fire”