10 Traits of the Temptress

A devotional on Proverbs 7:6-27 Pr 7 NKJV – The Wiles of a Harlot – My son, keep my – Bible Gateway All temptation starts with a natural appetite and a desire/lust to fill it. The word ‘lust’ doesn’t necessarily have a negative connotation. It merely means desire. Desire is the focal point in temptation.Continue reading “10 Traits of the Temptress”


I was just a little girl at a bus station in the big city of Nairobi when I heard commotion. A large crowd was hollering and people scampered this way and that. Scared, I asked my older sister what was happening. All of a sudden, as quickly as the commotion had started, there was aContinue reading “COVERING OVER AN OFFENSE”


My friend, I’ll call her Rhythm and Blues, wrote this marvelous work that the world needs to see. Do you know? When will you know? My historical trauma. When will you stop saying, “oh I’m sure you don’t want to talk about that.” Or “I’m sorry I asked” when we are talking about childhood.  If youContinue reading “FOSTER CARE AS AN ADULT”


“I will praise you with all my heart;” Psalm 9:1a. When I think of praise (Heb. Yadah), I think of verbal expression of one’s greatness. This verse corrects my definition. Praise is not just verbal. It’s a heart matter. Hmmm. In Pr. 4:23 Solomon told us, “above all things guard your heart, for from itContinue reading “WITH ALL OF MY HEART”

What I’ve Experienced at the Hands of These White People

I’ve been hearing the word narrative a lot lately. I have one too. When I moved to the States in the mid nineties, I showed up at PDX with a green and black plaid suitcase in hand. Ken Reade, a giant of a man, drove me through the city and to the small town thatContinue reading “What I’ve Experienced at the Hands of These White People”

BLAK Lives Matter (Part 4) – Damn, the Bastard Child Shows Up!

This is a raw tribute to lands across the world that have been devastated by colonialism.   The bastard has unexpectedly shown up at his dinner table. Bags in hand. He never thought he’d see her again! What sudden discomfiture, what indigestion she causes. She pays no mind to the refined company present. Her strikingContinue reading “BLAK Lives Matter (Part 4) – Damn, the Bastard Child Shows Up!”