Round Up

Weed whacker, weed whacker Whack me the weed that sowed me its seed. Breaking my back is its plan of attack. With asthma I hack when I’m trying to yack. It’s sharp as a tack in my full gunny sack. I will not concede or plead. Recede! I will be freed, will succeed, guaranteed!


This one’s for aunt Carol Harvey who introduced me to Ogden Nash. Pretty abecederian I must admit , but I’ve been ‘nashing’ all day. I realize I minimize I recognize that I denies. I generalize and theorize I hope it flies, materialize. Glamorize idealize lose ends I ties and finalize.

The Garden and the Wildnerness

Peer through the trees into Chapter 3 of the first Old Testament book, Genesis. Observe Adam and Eve frolicing in the Garden of Eden. The lush garden’s glory would make you gasp with its Elysium sights, scents, and sounds.  Its delectable fruit drips care-free pleasure. Even God delights in His daily time in this newContinue reading “The Garden and the Wildnerness”

Damn, The Bastard Child!

Mr. Europe’s bastard has shown up at the dinner table, bags in hand. What discomfiture, what indigestion she causes. she pays no mind to the refined company present. her striking resemblance to him further unsettling. He found Her wild yet trusting; luscious and unsophisticated. Magnificent and imposing, he strutted in and denuded Her. He perforatedContinue reading “Damn, The Bastard Child!”