Round Up

Weed whacker, weed whacker

Whack me the weed

that sowed me its seed.

Breaking my back is its plan of attack.

With asthma I hack when I’m trying to yack.

It’s sharp as a tack in my full gunny sack.

I will not concede or plead. Recede!

I will be freed, will succeed, guaranteed!



This one’s for aunt Carol Harvey who introduced me to Ogden Nash. Pretty abecederian I must admit , but I’ve been ‘nashing’ all day.

I realize I minimize

I recognize that I denies.

I generalize and theorize

I hope it flies,




lose ends I ties

and finalize.



My thoughts of you are redolent
Of a battered desert succulent.
On your spiny, scarred exterior

Lovers, long broken up, etched their undying love.
What did that have to do with you?

How faithfully you stay in place
When burning heat seeks to displace
Eliminate you, leave no trace

To tell you that your faith’s misplaced.

When doubts assail you, foes  abound
You hunker down and stand your ground
Your unseen wells of sustenance
Cause you to smile and even dance.

You are worn yet beautiful,

dry yet refreshing

spent yet nourishing.

Succulent in every way.

Inspiration · Poetry

A Poem a Day

I had a great visit with a retired doctor last week who shared that, as a writer, she aims to write a poem a day. I dedicate this one to Dr. Nordgren.

A poem a day is an order
Prescribed by a Doctor of Parlance,
To calm all my mental disorder
By righting my inner imbalance.

If you skip one, a backlog will set in;
You feel creepy words crawling on your skin.
So pull out your tablet and watch how,
The brain starts to churn with a low growl
And delights the heart with this cure called verse,
Whose effects are never adverse!


The Garden and the Wildnerness

Peer through the trees into Chapter 3 of the first Old Testament book, Genesis. Observe Adam and Eve frolicing in the Garden of Eden. The lush garden’s glory would make you gasp with its Elysium sights, scents, and sounds.  Its delectable fruit drips care-free pleasure. Even God delights in His daily time in this new paradise. His favorite part, of course, is communing with Adam and Eve, His magnum opus. Surely here, of all places,  perfection would forever prevail. What with naked companionship, lavish provisions, fulfilling occupation, and complete protection, all in the cool of the day.

Adam and Eve are smack in the middle of God’s will, this is plan A.

Yet deceit, blame, foreboding, and rebellion take the day. One sad day death draped Eden.

Now shade your forehead with your hand and squint across the desert landscape into chapter 3 of the first New Testament book, Matthew. Observe John in the howling wind of the Judean wilderness. The scorching sun beats down mercilessly on the parched landscape.  John’s gaunt, leathery body dons an old loincloth. It is covered with pulsing stings and infected scrapes. Foraging under jagged rocks for sparse locusts and honey is a painful, often frustrating occupation. The surrounding silence is deafening. No wife, no friend. The inner doubts are thunderous. He mumbles to himself to keep from going mad.  A roaring fire burns in his heart. Its flame chaps his cracked lips as he hoarsely roars, “Repent,” often to a sneering audience. “Bear fruits worthy of repentance,” he begs desperately. Fruit? Here?

One hot day, his wild eyes stared in disbelief. He HAD gone mad! God walked towards him smiling a warm smile that flooded his doubts  and refreshed his heart. John  threw himself at His feet and sobbed. Jesus tenderly cupped His cousin’s foul-smelling face, now covered with grungy, matted hair and muddy tears. Jesus convinced John to baptize Him. The heavens roared open, the Spirit descended on Jesus, and the Father expressed complete approval and pleasure.

John is smack in the middle of God’s will. This is plan B.

Now forgiveness, reconciliation, freedom, and life reign. Here is cool water for the dehydrated soul.  The death drape is rent.


Damn, The Bastard Child!

Mr. Europe’s bastard has shown up at the dinner table, bags in hand.

What discomfiture, what indigestion she causes.
she pays no mind to the refined company present.
her striking resemblance to him further unsettling.

He found Her wild yet trusting; luscious and unsophisticated.

Magnificent and imposing, he strutted in and denuded Her.
He perforated Her soul easily and ravaged Her – repeatedly, mercilessly, shamelessly.
He paid no mind to Her spirited yet ineffectual resistance,
Her agonizing screams,
Her exhausted limp whimpering.

He kept coming back and brought others.
Some gorge at the banquet tonight.

she recognizes the ivory, the gold, the diamonds, the mahogany.

she need not mention Karen or Kolmanskop.

He sits dumbfounded behind his delectable dinner and baronial company.
What to do with her now?

What will he do with what he did?