Splattered on my Windshield

Giant windmills by the Columbia Slowly doing the breaststroke, Over rolling buff hills that are sunning Past town after town and its townsfolk. Truck trailers, travel trailers, Zipping past chugging railers. Dams and rest stops, hot springs and buttes, Punctuate stories of curses and Aslan Tumnus, and horses and wardrobes of fur Grip us, spellbound, unfolding The Plan. Truck trailers,Continue reading “Splattered on my Windshield”

I Have Banana Plants for You – 2

As I pulled up the bumpy side-road around 7.18 pm, I could see him looking up and down the road nervously. He waved enthusiastically and hurried up to me after I pulled up, shovel in his gloved right hand. “Well hi!” he greeted happily. He hurriedly took off his glove to shake my hand after he openedContinue reading “I Have Banana Plants for You – 2”

I Have Banana Plants for You – 1

I dread his calls. My friend Josh is an older gentleman who lives alone in a meticulous house. He is a great guy but overly congenial. He is as set as cement in his ways and worships orderliness. He has a magnificent garden and enjoys sharing plants. I ran into him the other day andContinue reading “I Have Banana Plants for You – 1”

the daze of the rays

It inspires deep praise to consider the ways that you impact each phase of my life, this maze.   I can’t help but gaze as you work through the haze when all’s up in the blaze that is life nowadays.   constant love you rephrase feeding sparrows and jays on your sweet grace I graze you daze…, you amaze.Continue reading “the daze of the rays”