Meant to Belong to a Herd

Part I: OXYTOCIN I took a magnificent Dementia class by fellow occupational therapist Teepa Snow. She taught a contact technique to use on people with dementia. She elaborated that it led to the release of Oxytocin, a hormone produced in mammalian brains. I call it our herd hormone. I later learned it controls social recognitionContinue reading “Meant to Belong to a Herd”

Savoring Oregon Summers

Succulent strawberries, so shiny they look fake, Drip juicy goodness to stain your favorite t-shirt. They are followed promptly by God’s gift for July birthdays: Ravishing vanilla cake with raspberry filling; As rich, rare, and radiant as my ruby birthstone! Hot on their heels come┬ábrilliant bursts of blueberries. I oblige my happy belly, fresh orContinue reading “Savoring Oregon Summers”