Nature’s Free for All

  If you wake up early enough, You’ll be treated to visible spider webs. Everywhere. Delicate strength, Laden with dew, Dancing for you, Swinging, inviting your hair to romance. They’ll court you this Fall Bejeweled like pearls, They’ll adorn your curls. They’ll drape your neck, You’ll scream, “what the heck?” And bat away at nature’sContinue reading “Nature’s Free for All”

I’m Not a Fan of Yellow

My friend Shawn is a lovable, flavorful character. A mouthful sometimes. A potentially annoying mouthful. He’d traveled to Namibia to visit his in-laws whom he only got to see every few years. Several women were in the kitchen wrapping up dinner – there’s nothing quite like a kitchen full of African women. Kwaito music wasContinue reading “I’m Not a Fan of Yellow”

Splattered on my Windshield

Giant windmills by the Columbia Slowly doing the breaststroke, Over rolling buff hills that are sunning Past town after town and its townsfolk. Truck trailers, travel trailers, Zipping past chugging railers. Dams and rest stops, hot springs and buttes, Punctuate stories of curses and Aslan Tumnus, and horses and wardrobes of fur Grip us, spellbound, unfolding The Plan. Truck trailers,Continue reading “Splattered on my Windshield”