Ponder this: In the heavenlies, in many ways There is no long or short duration of time. There is no large or small amount. There is no great or small offense. There is no big or small act of virtue. All are equal. That is why twenty years ago is as yesterday. A mite isContinue reading “NO “BIG” OR “SMALL” IN THE SPIRITUAL”

Together Forever – Thwarted

I. Today the Rancher separated the 3 calves from the mothers to wean them. They are across a fence from each other. The mothers moo forlornly for their young who are frolicking carefree in the next field. Even while they chew, the heart-sick mother’s moo. It’ll be a long week hearing their pathetic bellowing. II.Continue reading “Together Forever – Thwarted”

I Don’t Need You

“How do you do it?” her new friend gasped incredulously. My kid sister Jackie was at a children’s birthday party and had just shared that she was a single mum. She got this reaction almost every time. This time an extraordinary sense of ownership welled inside her. “I do it just fine with the Lord.”Continue reading “I Don’t Need You”

If You Believe

If you know anything me, it’s my feelings about cows. You can find contributing factors here: And to think I am married to a man who calls himself a rancher. Very sad. I posted that blog a year ago and my feelings haven’t changed much. Shortly after that, Emma who’d grown up on aContinue reading “If You Believe”

the daze of the rays

It inspires deep praise to consider the ways that you impact each phase of my life, this maze.   I can’t help but gaze as you work through the haze when all’s up in the blaze that is life nowadays.   constant love you rephrase feeding sparrows and jays on your sweet grace I graze you daze…, you amaze.Continue reading “the daze of the rays”