DREAMS – Part 2. Decoding the Communique

Here’s my current understanding of the dream in the previous post: I live in the country, so my house being in a subdivision is an oddity. Look for those in dreams. Consider proximity as a concept, given the current times. The house on the right is marked by panic and furtive, unsuccessful attempts at self-protection.Continue reading “DREAMS – Part 2. Decoding the Communique”

Dreams – Part 1. “The Secret Counsel”

I’ve been walking on a mystifying path the last couple of years. As a teen, I read a book called Your Dreams, God’s Forgotten Gift. It made the claim that God is a communicating God. He consistently spoke to men of old via dreams. Why wouldn’t He continue to do that today? I’m further entranced byContinue reading “Dreams – Part 1. “The Secret Counsel””


  “The Lord said, “What have you done? Listen! Your brother’s blood cries out to me from the ground.” (Genesis 4:10) Injustice, great or small, calls out. Cries out. He cannot help but hear. He cannot help but answer. From the first murder to the latest, The little white lie, our “smallest” infraction. Tsâ’aq –Continue reading “BLOOD SPEAKS”


Ponder this: In the heavenlies, in many ways There is no long or short duration of time. There is no large or small amount. There is no great or small offense. There is no big or small act of virtue. All are equal. That is why twenty years ago is as yesterday. A mite isContinue reading “NO “BIG” OR “SMALL” IN THE SPIRITUAL”

Delilah Lulls Samson

How strong are you, Samson? Gifted ruler. Foretold and anointed. Unbeaten. Mighty conqueror. Slayer of soldiers by the hundreds, Fearsome Destroyer. Till lulled on her lovely lap, Where you have no business being, You sell your soul to the temptress And Delilah destroys you, Fearsome Destroyer, With her guile, and her nagging. And your full permission.Continue reading “Delilah Lulls Samson”