A letter to Miki

Happy birthday Miki, I remember when I turned 8, a long time ago. I didn’t say much to adults.  I learned not to attract attention and to try and stay out of their way. Children weren’t supposed to say much. I was a wee little thing, the smallest in my class. I loved my friendsContinue reading “A letter to Miki”


Ngarana Tata Wangarî wa Magû, Augire atîrî, “Angîkorwo ndûrî Jesû, Ndûrî kîndû ûrî. Angîkorwo ndûi Jesu, Ndûri kîrîa ûî.” Naniî ngauga, “Angîkorwo nîûrî Jesû, Ndûrî kîndû ûtarî. Angîkorwo nîûî Jesû, Ndûrî kîndû ûtoî.” (Calling all Kikuyus: It is lamentable that many Kikuyu are unable to read in their native tongue. I aim to increase KikuyuContinue reading “Ngauga”

The One You’re With

I’ve heard it said that if you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with. The two captivating desires of elderly residents I’ve cared for over the years have been to be in their own home and to have family visit everyday and care for them. They are almost obsessive desires.Continue reading “The One You’re With”

And Then There’s Us

They sit there giggling, staring into each others eyes, whispering empty nothings.   They talk easily  for hours on end obviously relishing each others company.   And then there’s us.   They take on life together, tackle trouble and relinquish it. Determined, sure, secure.   And then there’s…   Us wondering, doubting, struggling. Choosing to stay,Continue reading “And Then There’s Us”