I Have Feelings For You.

You thrill me, enchant me, Scintillate me, excite me, Fascinate me, enthrall me. Make my heart throb, hear my soul’s call, Glad we’re in this, for the long haul.   You annoy me,  irritate me, confound  me, frustrate me, You vex me, aggravate me, misunderstand me, berate me… I have feelings for you alright!   ImageContinue reading “I Have Feelings For You.”

And Then There’s Us

They sit there giggling, staring into each others eyes, whispering empty nothings.   They talk easily  for hours on end obviously relishing each others company.   And then there’s us.   They take on life together, tackle trouble and relinquish it. Determined, sure, secure.   And then there’s…   Us wondering, doubting, struggling. Choosing to stay,Continue reading “And Then There’s Us”