Of Toads and Other Vermin

A devotional on Psalm 120 The Songs of Ascents are 15 psalms from 120-135 likely written by various authors. The number 15 corresponds to the 15 steps leading into the Temple which was at the top of a hill. Ascending to it corresponded to approaching God Most High. “We shall consider them as songs sungContinue reading “Of Toads and Other Vermin”


5 strategies to telling the truth. A devotion on PROVERBS 12: 15-28 “An honest witness tells the truth, but a false witness tells lies,” Pr. 12:17. That’s as basic as it gets. I consider myself an “honest witness.” Few would claim to consistently be a false witness. Withal, I don’t have to dig very farContinue reading ““YOU’RE A DAMNED LIAR!””