BLAK Lives Matter (Part 2) – But I hurt, and the Need is so great…

Image retrieved from Something interesting happened that intercepted Joshua’s escape to solitude. A crowd heard he was on the lake. They knew the private spot where he was going. And they beat him there. When he landed he saw a large crowd. It was a sea of blak lives. There in their midst, he zoomedContinue reading “BLAK Lives Matter (Part 2) – But I hurt, and the Need is so great…”

Together Forever – Thwarted

I. Today the Rancher separated the 3 calves from the mothers to wean them. They are across a fence from each other. The mothers moo forlornly for their young who are frolicking carefree in the next field. Even while they chew, the heart-sick mother’s moo. It’ll be a long week hearing their pathetic bellowing. II.Continue reading “Together Forever – Thwarted”

The One You’re With

I’ve heard it said that if you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with. The two captivating desires of elderly residents I’ve cared for over the years have been to be in their own home and to have family visit everyday and care for them. They are almost obsessive desires.Continue reading “The One You’re With”

My Sighing Companion

When the darkness set in with my heart-rending news, with pain beyond my imagination, my numb body knew just whom to drag itself to. You became my Sighing Companion. I didn’t need words. One can’t hear words with anĀ  unhinged heart. Blinded by stinging tears, my world jarred, jolted. I knew I’d staggered into theContinue reading “My Sighing Companion”