Delilah Lulls Samson

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How strong are you, Samson?

Gifted ruler.

Foretold and anointed.


Mighty conqueror.

Slayer of soldiers by the hundreds,

Fearsome Destroyer.

Till lulled on her lovely lap,

Where you have no business being,

You sell your soul to the temptress

And Delilah destroys you, Fearsome Destroyer,

With her guile, and her nagging.

And your full permission.

If you falter in a time of trouble,

How small is your strength?

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Published by hannahtk

Hannah is a footloose Jesus-girl who enjoys family and friends, writing, painting, calligraphy, speaking and teaching, reading, cooking, gardening... She runs an adult foster home in Gaston, OR.

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