such pretty stretch marks

Such pretty stretch marks! have you ever said that? how does one appreciate them? gingerly,¬† once one gets past the revolting discovery of their presence.   Take a rose, for instance. how plain she’d be without those streaks. how seductively she sways those hips. how she teases with her intoxicating aroma. close your eyes andContinue reading “such pretty stretch marks”

Savoring Oregon Summers

Succulent strawberries, so shiny they look fake, Drip juicy goodness to stain your favorite t-shirt. They are followed promptly by God’s gift for July birthdays: Ravishing vanilla cake with raspberry filling; As rich, rare, and radiant as my ruby birthstone! Hot on their heels come¬†brilliant bursts of blueberries. I oblige my happy belly, fresh orContinue reading “Savoring Oregon Summers”

I Have Banana Plants for You – 2

As I pulled up the bumpy side-road around 7.18 pm, I could see him looking up and down the road nervously. He waved enthusiastically and hurried up to me after I pulled up, shovel in his gloved right hand. “Well hi!” he greeted happily. He hurriedly took off his glove to shake my hand after he openedContinue reading “I Have Banana Plants for You – 2”

I Have Banana Plants for You – 1

I dread his calls. My friend Josh is an older gentleman who lives alone in a meticulous house. He is a great guy but overly congenial. He is as set as cement in his ways and worships orderliness. He has a magnificent garden and enjoys sharing plants. I ran into him the other day andContinue reading “I Have Banana Plants for You – 1”