The Dance of the Jewel

You enchantingly craft your words…, … gems that thrill our hearts. Rather effortlessly, it seems, You bend over your tureen, Humming and thumbing your well-worn needle. You squint and adjust your focals, Shake the bowl in unspoken incantation, You single out this stone, and set it by that one. You stir the bowl again andContinue reading “The Dance of the Jewel”

it was a good one too…

a magnificent poem my mind was creating. electric, melodic, pure genius in the making but i waited too long, it was done percolating i had dreamily thought, “this one is yours for the taking; it will keep till morning, boy it’s downright earth-shaking!”   But upon my awaking this poor heart is aching as theContinue reading “it was a good one too…”