Orange Flying, in Slow Motion

It all happened so fast, so I’m not quite sure why I recall it in slow motion. My boys were fooling around and laughing. They rarely play together so I relish these times. I was standing by the kitchen about to open the fridge.  James, moving at his usual 300mph dashed by the kitchen counter and grabbed an orange then flewContinue reading “Orange Flying, in Slow Motion”

Splattered on my Windshield

Giant windmills by the Columbia Slowly doing the breaststroke, Over rolling buff hills that are sunning Past town after town and its townsfolk. Truck trailers, travel trailers, Zipping past chugging railers. Dams and rest stops, hot springs and buttes, Punctuate stories of curses and Aslan Tumnus, and horses and wardrobes of fur Grip us, spellbound, unfolding The Plan. Truck trailers,Continue reading “Splattered on my Windshield”

The Unravelling

My mother raised five girls, God love her. Towards the end of her life, all five of us snollygosters were regularly cracking up at her fashion sense. An ounce of wisdom shared among us would have warned that things were falling apart and that our lives were about to unravel with the ending of hers. But no,Continue reading “The Unravelling”