The Spirit of Samson – tackling self-absorption (conclusion)

Self-absorption is a short walk to self-worship, a horrific form of idolatry. When we are self-absorbed we are inward focused and bent on achieving our way, our purposes, in our power, for our glory. That’s where Samson went wrong despite being a man called and empowered by God to do great things for the kingdom. Instead of being sensitive to his God, he lavished sensuality.

When the Angel of the Lord visited Manoah and his wife to tell them they would have a son named Samson, he repeatedly warned them that Samson was to be shomer – on guard. Samson failed to be shomer. Sensuality caused him to lower his guard. Scripture calls us to guard our hearts, above all else, for from it are the issues of life.

I believe that sensuality is a symptom of an unguarded heart. It is easy to be blind to it in our lives. According to Ephesians 4, sensuality produces five faith-killers. These tie in with the 10 traits we’ve addressed in the life of Samson. The five faith-killers are:

  • futile thinking
  • darkened understanding
  • separation from the life of God 
  • ignorance
  • hard hearts 

Attached is a 2 part video I did titled Are You Sensitive or Sensual? It will help you distinguish between these important concepts.

Are you Sensitive or Sensual? Part 1

Are you Sensitive or Sensual? Part 2

I pray that this series on self-absorption has blessed you. May Holy Spirit continue to point out areas in our lives where we are exhibiting the spirit of Samson and to lead us to repentance for it. We are Samson redeemed. May we not fall for the same lies he did, and end up unproductive and ineffective in our knowledge of Jesus (2 Peter 1:8.)

Hereafter, we will move into another short series on alertness and guarding our hearts. All this week, may I invite you to bare your heart to our precious Holy Spirit for examination and for the removal of things that don’t belong there. He is a gentle and very competent surgeon.

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