You are Samson Redeemed!

What if God personally revealed his plans for you before you were born? God had and communicated plans for Samson before he was even conceived in his mother’s womb. He was to be the leader that would rescue the Israelites from their brutal enemies, the Philistines. By the time me meet him in the most popular story about him, his is comfortably snoring in the lap of his Philistine mistress. He has already married another Philistine woman and is no longer with her. In other words, he is sleeping with the enemy.

Samson was mightily gifted and empowered by the Holy Spirit to fulfill the purpose that God created him for. Yet we can safely say that, other than collapsing a building on and killing a multitude of them – and himself, he was ineffective and unproductive in his purpose. He was a piece of machinery that made a lot of noise and smoke but didn’t move the load. He was a strongman that walked around grunting, thumping his chest and throwing dirt in the air.

What if you were Samson redeemed? What if there is an enemy brutalizing God’s kingdom on earth and you are called to rescue God’s people from those terrorizing them? What if he gifted and empowered you greatly to achieve that, even depositing Holy Spirit within you to that end? Wouldn’t the enemy of your soul desire to derail you or at the very least distract you from your purpose?

Listen to the reason he gave to those who dared to speak into his life when he was bent on getting himself a Philistine woman:

“Get her for me, she pleases me.” Judges 14:3

How You Can be Samson Redeemed

  • Believer, who is your Delilah? Identify your propensity to flirt with the enemy. In what areas are you willing to disobey God’s clear mandate for you and your body for the sake of the pleasure/comfort it brings you? Repent of this and turn away from it.
  • Open the eyes of your heart to Holy Spirit prompting you to be on your guard and fight the good fight.
  • Be mindful of God’s desire to use you to bring his kingdom down to your circle of influence.
  • Ask Holy Spirit to speak to you through his Word and to reveal your post that he wants you to man.
  • Ask Holy Spirit to make you as fruitful and effective in your knowledge of Jesus as you can be, every day of your life!

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