The Spirit of Samson – tackling self-absorption (#10)

Welcome to this 10th aspect of the spirit of Samson. We have seen that:

  1. He has God’s calling upon his life
  2. He tends to be immature
  3. He thinks he’s right and others are wrong
  4. He is spiritually blind
  5. He is passionately intense.
  6. He has a mega-personality.
  7. He is deceitful.
  8. He is shielded supernaturally.
  9. He is histrionic.

As we look at the 10 points that underlie the spirit of Samson, keep in mind:

  • they apply to men and women alike (I will use he/she interchangeably)
  • they are not age-restricted and therefore apply to kids, adults, and the elderly
  • the traits occur on a continuum of intensity. I have painted them in absolutes for clarification’s sake
  • not all traits necessarily apply to each “Samson.”


Samson underperforms for his capacity. It is striking to note his brilliance and giftings and to compare them to what he has to show for his life. He does not live up to his identity. At any given time he is not doing what he is supposed to be doing. With great vim, he is instead pursuing shallow, temporary pursuits that are inconsequential.

He spends time, energy, and money on trivialities and may have none for what he knows, or claims is most important. His primary tasks remain unattended to and either fall by the wayside or have to be picked up by others. When he should be working he is playing. When he should be resting he is partying. He may be full of rather convincing explanations for each one.

What bell does this trait ring in you? How do you see it play out in a Samson in your life?

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