The Spirit of Samson – tackling self-absorption (#9)

Welcome to this 9th aspect of the spirit of Samson. We have seen that:

  1. He has God’s calling upon his life
  2. He tends to be immature
  3. He thinks he’s right and others are wrong
  4. He is spiritually blind
  5. He is passionately intense.
  6. He has a mega-personality.
  7. He is deceitful.
  8. He is shielded supernaturally.

As we look at the 10 points that underlie the spirit of Samson, keep in mind:

  • they apply to men and women (I will use he/she interchangeably)
  • they are not age-restricted and therefore apply to kids, adults, and the elderly
  • the traits occur on a continuum of intensity. I have painted them in absolutes for clarification’s sake
  • not all traits necessarily apply to each “Samson.”


Not only is Samson histrionic, but she is drawn to/attracts histrionic personalities into her inner circle. She allows them to stay there against her better judgement and gives in to their pressures. Histrionic means theatric, drama-driven, sensational, overacted, or stagy. Sometimes she is uncannily aware that she is in danger but globally she is simpleminded and even foolishly blind when others seek to do her harm. She defends the enemy verbally and emotionally. She ignores obvious signs of danger, positioning herself in the cross-hairs of the enemy. She is misused by others for their pleasure.

  • Who have you or the Samson in your life allowed into your life despite your better judgement?
  • Who have you or your Samson allowed to stay in your life to your/his/her detriment?
  • In what ways have you/he/she placed yourself in danger?
  • In what ways are others misusing you/him/her?

This section is adapted from Napping in Delilah’s Lap. Purchase your signed copy today.

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