The Spirit of Samson – tackling self-absorption (#5)

Welcome to this 5th aspect of the spirit of Samson. As we look at the 10 points that underlie the spirit of Samson, keep in mind:

  • they apply to men and women (I will use he/she interchangeably)
  • they apply to kids, adults, and the elderly
  • traits in painted in extremes for explanations sake
  • not all traits necessarily apply to each “Samson.”


Samson is a sensual and very passionate person. He or she feels and experiences things very strongly. She has strikingly poor insight. She is quickly driven by what she sees, hears, feels, and desires.

She is undisciplined and lives very much in the moment. This leads to poor judgement due to lack of foresight. She loves a good time and may be the life of the party. Life is a drag when there is no action. Every event can then become a party in her presence. She lives large and likely beyond her means.

Samson may exhibit extreme mood swings. When things are great, they’re phenomenal. When they’re not so great, life is tragic. She quickly forgets lessons learned in the past and therefore has little hindsight. She is vengeful and may have episodes of explosive rage and do damage to others, including their reputation or property.

How would these traits manifest in a child? How have they manifested in your life? How have these traits in the Samson in your life affected you?

These are excerpts from my book Napping in Delilah’s Lap. This book is at least a year’s worth of counseling! Get your copy today and one for the Samson in your life. Learn practical things you can do TODAY to live free of hang-ups, free in Jesus! Please leave a comment and share this post with a loved one that would be blessed by it.

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