The Spirit of Samson – Tackling self-absorption (#4)

Welcome to this 4th installment of the spirit of Samson. As we look at the 10 points that underlie the spirit of Samson, keep in mind:

  • they apply to men and women (I will use he/she interchangeably)
  • they apply to kids, adults, and the elderly.


Samson is spiritually blind, which manifests in numerous ways:

1. He or she does not see his blessings

2. He or she does not acknowledge the blessings around him

3. Because he is doggedly focused on the pursuit of his physical desires, he despises good things that are available to him

4. He lays his pearls before swine, blind to what is of value and who can be trusted.

In which of the 4 ways are you spiritually blind? How do you see this trait embodied in the life of a loved one? What other forms of spiritual blindness can you think of?

Published by hannahtk

Hannah is a footloose Jesus-girl who enjoys family and friends, writing, painting, calligraphy, speaking and teaching, reading, cooking, gardening...

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