I will trust in you. A mediation on Psalm 56 We last left David wishing that he had the wing of a dove so he could flee to the wilderness and find rest. You know you are hard up when your desire is to flee to a desert for refuge! Here we meet him singingContinue reading “WHENEVER I AM AFRAID…”


Five Tips to Go From Dream to Plan PROVERBS 16:1-16 – 6/22/21 “The preparations of the heart belong to man…” Proverbs 16:1a Because we are created in God’s image, like him, we are planners. We love to do, to make arrangements, to make things happen. What a glorious trait. What a great responsibility. We alterContinue reading “THAT’S GOOD A PLAN!”


PSALM 55:1-11 – 6/21/21 “Give ear to my prayer, O God; and hide not thyself from my supplication. Attend unto me, and hear me,” vs. 1 and 2a. Worse than any dread and distress David faces, is the thought that God would abandon him. So right off the bat David entreats God three times. “DoContinue reading “UNDER ATTACK (Part 1)”