As a Mother of Two Black Men


Stunning mural of George Floyd provides community 'a place to process'

I beseech you,

As a mother of two black men.

I want them to live to run in the street,

to play a mean guitar stanza and hold a crazy karate stance.

To do whatever they were made to do

without worrying if they will come home to live some more.

They are my fighters, they are my lovers.

I must field difficult conversations with them about hate.

I must coach them on how to behave if an officer pulls them over, for any reason;

As a mother of two black men.

I gasp and feel the exasperation of other mothers.

I shudder and pray.

I coach them in respect and love.

I prepare them for the stanza and the stance,

For citizenship and for the afterlife.

I fear I didn’t say enough,

Stand up tall enough,

Protest loudly enough.

That I didn’t demonstrate the stanza and the stance.

As a mother of two men,

I am stretched and challenged.

I grow, I grey, I groan.

Hear the cry,

of a mother of two black men:

Let them breathe!

(Image from Pioneer press. Retrieved 6/1/2020.

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Hannah is a footloose Jesus-girl who enjoys family and friends, writing, painting, calligraphy, speaking and teaching, reading, cooking, gardening...

4 thoughts on “As a Mother of Two Black Men

  1. Amen sister! I stand with you and all mothers today. Those words you have spoken resonate with millions of others!
    This is heart wrenching.
    Free the spirits of our black children.

  2. I can offer no words, but know I stand beside you in all love and fierce mama-ness.

  3. It’s something I don’t think I’ll ever comprehend…this tortured, uncaring attitude toward others. I don’t understand when anyone, let alone uniformed police, “go after” blacks before whites. But I don’t understand either when the blacks who wish to protest peacefully are ignored because of thugs who go in spoil the tranquility of the protest.With all my heart I hope, no matter their color or creed, that they are judicated and incarcerated. Growing up, we had many different peoples in our home. We loved and honored them all, whatever nation, language, color, clothing or religion they were…we loved and honored and respected them.

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