Do the Write Thing

“All write already,” She said expectantly

“Not write now.” I moaned pleadingly, my mind a scribble.

I had hung a write, then, as instructed by the bailiff,  Daily Prompt, I had walked write in.  I was standing before Judge Judy. “Good morning!” She screeched, taking the words write out of my mouth.

“Yeah, write,” I thought.

I just couldn’t find the words that morning, so I blathered something like, “Write back atchya.” She wasn’t impressed.

“Step write up,” Daily beckoned with a wave. I was sworn in.

She was tapping her pen impatiently now, peering her hawk-eyes over the rims of her glasses.  She listened to the plaintiff then turned to me. She noticed I was write-handed and scowled. “Why have you not submitted any writing? I’d give my write hand for that.”

“Your honor, I was not in my write mind. I have to be at the write place at the write time.” She cracked her rare, winsome smile, winked at Daily, then turned to me. “Sometimes there’s just nothing to say. It’s all write with me. Case dismissed ”

“Phew!” I thought, so grateful to defend my God given write, though I had no counterclaim. I was free.

Write on!

Published by hannahtk

Hannah is a footloose Jesus-girl who enjoys family and friends, writing, painting, calligraphy, speaking and teaching, reading, cooking, gardening...

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