They Despised the Pleasant Land

A devotion on 77:25-47 Many claim that Christianity is for the unthinking. I think that our devotions this week have proved just the opposite. Repeatedly, scripture has stressed the need to constantly engage multiple brain processes such as alertness, focus, contemplation, memory, consideration, analysis, judgement, etc. We thus understand God’s mandate to us to loveContinue reading “They Despised the Pleasant Land”

The Key to your Chayil

A devotion on Proverbs 31:1-15 The words of King Lemuel, an oracle that his mother taught him: An oracle is a prophecy (teaching or foretelling) or an utterance. This mother did not start these lessons when he was an adult. I posit that a mother’s lap is the best foundation for her instruction. To missContinue reading “The Key to your Chayil”


PROVERBS 18 – 7/2/21 “A man who isolates himself seeks his own desire; He rages against all wise judgment.” Pr. 18:1 A man’s greatest fears in life are pain (physical and emotional) and death. Today’s passage packs powerful psychological truth. It paints a picture that well describes David Eckman’s ( of the wonderful ministry –Continue reading “ISOLATION”