Napping in Delilah’s Lap

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“This excellently crafted ‘page turner’ addresses in a profound and humble way, the hidden and rampant problem of addiction to pornography and idolatry in the Christian. Just about everyone I know  would benefit from reading this book.  This in depth examination shows how all our hearts get addicted and how idolatry is not the stuff of only the ‘backslidden’  but really is the cause of our weakness as Christians and churches.” 
This book includes real tools for leaders and their flocks who are broken after a lifetime of shame, suffering and failure. Her vulnerability made her words absolutely powerful. Get it now!”

Virginia Chapman, Church Awakening.

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Napping in Delilah’s Lap: The Pandemic of Pornography in the Pew & the Pulpit by Hannah Thuku Kolehmainen | Goodreads

In this captivating read, Hannah exposes common compulsions that serve to distract the Church from her mission – one warrior at a time. These compulsions are a guise for pornography, in its original meaning. Explore a Biblical and cutting edge scientific look at the problem and the solution to pornography. Wake up to your calling and to intimacy with God, the true lover of your soul!

Modern day Delilah’s include… social media, gaming, power and control, churchiness, erotica and other forms of promiscuity, alcohol and drugs, overeating, over-spending, appearance, etc.


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