The Lord will Fulfill His Purpose for Me

A devotional on Psalm 138 1 I will praise you, O Lord, with my whole heart; before the gods I will sing your praise; What a grand way to wake up every day! What a noble declaration and resolution! Praise here is the word yadah illustrated by casting a stone or an arrow. It isContinue reading “The Lord will Fulfill His Purpose for Me”

Go From Strength to Strength

A devotion on Psalm 84 1 How lovely is your dwelling place, Lord Almighty! What a bright opening to this most delightful poem! Spurgeon calls it the “Pearl of Psalms.” It is as though you have just passed the threshold of a dear friend’s new home and you gush about their abode. How fortunate weContinue reading “Go From Strength to Strength”

The Virtuous Woman

A devotion on Proverbs 31:15-31 The KJV renders this woman as a ‘virtuous woman,’ not a ‘capable wife’ as most other translations do. Let’s name her Isha, the Hebrew word for woman. Henry Drummond said, “As you have seen a man of science take a beam of light and pass it through a crystal prism,Continue reading “The Virtuous Woman”