Mama, I’m Through!

George Floyd as a baby with his mother : pics

Image of George Floyd and his mother.


She would never dreamed,

As she crept up to his crib,

As every mama does,

To make sure he was breathing.

She would never have dreamed,

On media live-streamed,

That his dying call would be to her,

Though long departed.

She would never have dreamed,

On media live-streamed,

That she was so esteemed.

So she rocks him now,

Beholds him, wow,

And she soothes his brow.

There you are through

With that last breath you drew.

Here bliss will ensue,

Welcome home, to you!


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Knees Bowed

Portland Police take a knee with protesters - YouTube

I was confused, by asphalt bruised,

As his life oozed, his pleas refused.

Now my police bow a knee,

My first response says “I disagree –

That very posture took a life.”

Yet now it somehow calms the strife

A soothing balm for grieving souls,

Instead of heaping burning coals.

I start to perceive a paradox

In this grim Pandora’s box.

And I override my urges,

and my soul its hatred purges.

I must choose healing

Though we’re reeling.

Bruised, moved, diffused.

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As a Mother of Two Black Men


Stunning mural of George Floyd provides community 'a place to process'

I beseech you,

As a mother of two black men.

I want them to live to run in the street,

to play a mean guitar stanza and hold a crazy karate stance.

To do whatever they were made to do

without worrying if they will come home to live some more.

They are my fighters, they are my lovers.

I must field difficult conversations with them about hate.

I must coach them on how to behave if an officer pulls them over, for any reason;

As a mother of two black men.

I gasp and feel the exasperation of other mothers.

I shudder and pray.

I coach them in respect and love.

I prepare them for the stanza and the stance,

For citizenship and for the afterlife.

I fear I didn’t say enough,

Stand up tall enough,

Protest loudly enough.

That I didn’t demonstrate the stanza and the stance.

As a mother of two men,

I am stretched and challenged.

I grow, I grey, I groan.

Hear the cry,

of a mother of two black men:

Let them breathe!

(Image from Pioneer press. Retrieved 6/1/2020.

DREAMS – Part 2. Decoding the Communique


Here’s my current understanding of the dream in the previous post:

I live in the country, so my house being in a subdivision is an oddity. Look for those in dreams.

  1. Consider proximity as a concept, given the current times.

The house on the right is marked by panic and furtive, unsuccessful attempts at self-protection. A colony of bats in a well-lit house is another oddity.

2. My gut response to bats is negative – dark, spooky, dirty, vampires, Halloween, haunted, unclean, disease-ridden (sometimes called “flying rats”) etc. I did a little reading up on them and was utterly fascinated. (

Lesser long-nosed bat

This NPS photo from the article above shows a lesser long-nosed bat covered with pollen.

I’ve never seen anything like this little guy. They are master pollinators – just fantastic! They gobble up tons of harmful insects and help make our life a little more bearable. They play a crucial in maintaining the delicate ecosystems of caves. They are prey and feed numerous species, including humans. Consider that, given our current times and the origin of Covid-19.

3. The silver truck between the road and the house caught my attention. It was parked so precariously that it would have been very easy to tip. We know that silver represents wealth and prosperity. Trucks provide transportation, independence (the ability to get up and go wherever you want, whenever you want), they are a practical way of carrying cargo from one place to another, and they can be a sign of pride and prestige (I can’t get over how many country music songs there are about trucks). Consider the current precarious state of our world’s economy.

4. The house on the left is marked by these awesome ladies laughing it up. I want to be over there coz I have FOMO (fear of missing out) and a good time is happening without me. Hustle, Hannah! The silver truck is backed into the driveway of the house, meaning it’s ready to go. It’s stable.

5. I’m standing at the doorway of the house on the right. Bats start flying out. As Jodi mentioned in the dream comments, it’s pretty unusual for them to fly into things thanks to their amazing super-power of echolocation. It is absolutely astounding. Echolocation is their was of perceiving, navigating, and responding to the world.

What is our perception of the current situation? Are we tackling it by faith or by fear? If by fear, we are going to smack into things and be in places we have no business being. No matter how close the pestilence gets to us, we are not to fear. We are to resist the urge to scream and freak out. We have the shield of faith and God’s incredible promises of protection. Here are a few favorites:

So do not fear, for I am with you;
do not be dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you and help you;
I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

(Isaiah 41:10).

For I am the Lord your God
who takes hold of your right hand
and says to you, Do not fear;
I will help you.

(Isaish 41:10).

What gems! As my father-in-law would say, “Put that in your pipe and smoke it!” And that’s just from one chapter. Memorize those and use them to encourage yourself and others.

I don’t understand the sudden turn of events in the dream. Is it about the outcome of the disease? Is it a reflection on how different entities are handling this crisis? I don’t claim that it’s prophetic. I don’t know how things will turn out for us all. All I know is we are in a world of hurt but there is One who has the power the stay the plague. Living with the fear of Covid-19 is not the worst plight. Dying of Covid-19 is not either. Dying without Jesus is. May what initially seems like a horror turn out to be a great blessing, in ways we could never imagine. May our souls remain on stable footing when all around is being shaken. As C. S. Lewis said,

“pain insists upon being attended to.

God whispers to us in our pleasures,

speaks in our conscience,

but shouts in our pains:

it is HIS megaphone to rouse a deaf world.”

What else do you see here?

Dreams – Part 1. “The Secret Counsel”


I’ve been walking on a mystifying path the last couple of years. As a teen, I read a book called Your Dreams, God’s Forgotten Gift. It made the claim that God is a communicating God. He consistently spoke to men of old via dreams. Why wouldn’t He continue to do that today?

I’m further entranced by scripture references regarding His desires for intimacy with us. Ponder these as they might relate to our topic:

For the perverse (devious) person is an abomination (detestable) to the LORD, But His secret counsel is with the upright

(Proverbs 3:32).

The secret of the LORD is with those who fear Him, And He will show them His covenant (Psalm 25:14).

I will bless the LORD who has counseled me; Indeed, my mind instructs me in the night

(Proverbs 16:7).

For His God instructs him and teaches him properly

(Isaish 28:26).

This also comes from the LORD of hosts, Who is wonderful in counsel and excellent in guidance

(Isaiah 28:29).

I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye on you

(Psalm 32:8).

In the last days, God says, I will pour out My Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams

(Acts 2:17).

I love the capacity of the lover of our souls to wink at and whisper to His beloved. I have experienced it a  million times. I believe dreams can be God’s “secret counsel”. A mysterious private communiqué.

I used to think I didn’t dream. I was astounded to learn that everyone dreams. As I’ve explored my dreams, I’m astonished. I am more mindful of them and therefore remember them more. I also log them and pray about them.

As Christians we need to be very cautious regarding worldly and even spiritist interpretations of our dreams. There is no shortage of  demonic influence in this field. I’m afraid that, to that end, we have thrown out the baby with the bath water.

Here’s one I had this morning that I’d love to explore with my readers. Please pipe in your thoughts under “leave a comment” (which might be at the top or bottom depending on which device you are using.)

I was in a house in a new subdivision. From my front room looking out, I could see my employee Sarah in her living room next door to the right. On two occasions, she was sitting at her table  frantically swatting at bats that were flitting around her.

A silver truck belonging to her friend was parked by the road in front of Sarah’s house. There was a deep ditch between the road and Sarah’s house. The truck was parked very precariously parallel to the house. It looked like it would tip over at any moment.

After a while, I looked to the left and there was my other employee Lorie, in her house. Sarah was over there along with their friend, the truck owner, whose face I couldn’t see. The truck was now in this driveway, backed in and level. Lorie has a great laugh, and they were all cutting up, laughing about something.

In the next scene, I was standing at Sarah’s doorway. The door was open and I could see many bats roosting  on a beam in the living room. They started to fly out. One huge one flew towards me and plastered itself on my face. I had ducked and was crouching close to the ground with my right arm in front of me in a defensive stance. I was shocked but not terrified (surprisingly :)). I woke up peeling the huge webbed wing off my face.

What’s your first reaction? If we start by identifying the various aspects of the dream, what stands out to you and what do you make of it? I’ll disclose my interpretation in Part 2.



20190910_193947“The Lord said, “What have you done? Listen! Your brother’s blood cries out to me from the ground.” (Genesis 4:10)

Injustice, great or small, calls out.

Cries out.

He cannot help but hear.

He cannot help but answer.

From the first murder to the latest,

The little white lie, our “smallest” infraction.

Tsâ’aq – means to call out in distress, to clamor.

When He was silent, we thought He was just like us.

But His patience is for our repentance.

Desires that none should perish.


It screams deafeningly in His ear.

Cries out. Clamors.

He cannot help but hear.

He cannot help but answer.

He mounts the clouds, momentarily holds back His steeds,

Waiting that we may make things right…


There is a blood that speaks a better word than Abel’s.

Pays the price.

Rights the wrong.

Speaks forgiveness.

Mercy triumphs over justice.

“Father, forgive them.”

“It is finished.”

He cannot help but hear.

He cannot help but answer.


The wrath assuaged.

The steeds are stabled.




Ponder this:

In the heavenlies, in many ways

There is no long or short duration of time.

There is no large or small amount.

There is no great or small offense.

There is no big or small act of virtue.

All are equal.

That is why twenty years ago is as yesterday.

A mite is as flocks and empires.

The injustice of blood-shed is as that of a little white lie.

Laying down your life is as offering a cool glass of water.

All equal.


Delilah Lulls Samson

Image result for samson and delilah royalty free images

How strong are you, Samson?

Gifted ruler.

Foretold and anointed.


Mighty conqueror.

Slayer of soldiers by the hundreds,

Fearsome Destroyer.

Till lulled on her lovely lap,

Where you have no business being,

You sell your soul to the temptress

And Delilah destroys you, Fearsome Destroyer,

With her guile, and her nagging.

And your full permission.

If you falter in a time of trouble,

How small is your strength?

How strong are you, Samson?

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You’re Bleeding Out

Your personal defense bubble

Swelled to the size of a wrestling ring.

You are catching punches

That I’m not throwing.

Bleeding from old wounds I did not inflict.

Where I extend an olive branch,

You perceive me brandishing a menacing thornbush.

Your unseen assailant wails unpredictable blows.

The maniac pummels you mercilessly.

My outstretched arms

Are to hold your heart. Gently.

To shield you.

Let me.