Samson was a mighty warrior, dramatically called and gifted by God. He had work appointed for him in advance as leader of Israel to deliver them from their vicious enemies, the Philistines. What on earth was he doing habitually napping on a voluptuous Philistine woman’s lap? Could he have been more distant from God?

The Church today is made up of mighty warriors, dramatically called and gifted by God. He has work appointed for us in advance. What are we doing habitually napping on the voluptuous lap of the world? And while we are knocked out there, who is doing the work we are supposed to be doing? Could we be more distant from God’s plan for us?

In this captivating read, Hannah exposes common compulsions that serve to distract the Church from her mission – one warrior at a time. These compulsions are a guise for pornography, in its original meaning. Explore a Biblical and cutting edge scientific look at the problem and the solution to pornography. Wake up to your calling and to intimacy with God, the true lover of your soul!

Modern day Delilah’s include… social media, gaming, power and control, churchiness, erotica and other forms of promiscuity, alcohol and drugs, overeating, over-spending, appearance, etc.

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